A negative Coggins test is required for all FVTR rides​Be prepared to show proof on your first ride.

 Please check the following link below for information on when and where you are required to have a Coggins test done in the State of IL.

 Illinois Department of AG

Some schoolin' before hittin' the trails ....

Fox Valley Trail Riders

Nice People - Good Times - Great Rides

Rules of the Fox Valley Trail Riders Association

1) When the Executive Board plans a trail ride for a specific date and location, a committee appointed by the board shall be in charge of marking trails and roads leading to the ride; accommodations for the horses and riders, length of ride, starting time, leader, charges, etc.
2) The appointed leader shall lead each ride and it shall be his/her responsibility to follow the outlined trail. All members are required to remain in the back of the leader.
3) A drag rider shall be appointed to bring up the rear, close proper gates, and assist where needed.
4) For the safety of ALL riders, stallions shall be barred from all rides.
5) Riders of known kickers shall be required to have a red ribbon braided in the tail of their horse so that other riders may keep a safe distance.
6) Any horse that is a nuisance on any ride may be barred from future rides.
7) Reckless riding shall be strictly prohibited for the safety of all riders.
8) A rider of a horse that injures another horse or rider shall stop at the scene of the accident as long as needed. It should be reported to a member of the Executive Board and a Member of the Board as soon as possible. These two members are required to be on the scene. First aid kits will be carried on the beverage truck for the use of the horse and rider.
9) Riders will dismount, leave their horse secure, and approach the beverage truck on foot.  NO horses will be permitted near the beverage truck.
10) Refreshments on all rides shall be paid for by each member. No liquor shall be sold or served to minors. NO beverage containers other than canteens will be permitted on a ride.
11) Food will be purchased only for members who have made reservations before the deadline.
12) This club or it's officers shall NOT be responsible for any accident or property damage to the public or it's members in accordance to the

Equine Law.
13) The State of Illinois requires a NEGATIVE Coggins test for all horses, ponies and mules at any advertised event.  Be prepared to show proof.
14) Anyone wearing a "Director" t-shirt has been appointed as

Trail Leaders and/or officers.Their authority is FINAL.
15 NO riding double will be permitted unless an adult (18 yrs or older) is riding with a child 12 yrs or under, except in extreme situations, with authorization from FVTR.
16) After attending two organized rides or activities, MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED in order to participate in and future functions.
17) It is your responsibility as a club member to be aware of and follow ALL club rules.

Trail Etiquette

We try to be as considerate of others on the trail, as we wish to be treated with the same consideration.

Consider the following:
*Horses are social animals but don't appreciate a strange horse galloping up on them. Please slow down when approaching another rider and ask to pass. Or a horse galloping away from them, the old "I'm being left behind instinct" may take over.

*MANDATORY-If you have a horse that even considers "shaking"  hands (kicking) with other horses approaching from behind,  a RED ribbon will be put in their tail by FVTR.  The red ribbon is to be returned to FVTR at the end of the ride and your horse will be noted in the files for future rides until the behavior does not exist.

*Stay on the correct trail and off of private property.

Do not damage or move the trail markers.

You may be the one lost on the next ride because of it.

*We are guests in the forest, NO littering of any kind

Carry bags for garbage and dispose in garbage containers OR take home.

*The best way to see wildlife is to ride quietly and pay attention.

Don't spoil others' fun by loud behavior.

*Most bridges and trails are single track (one horse at a time), be considerate when passing. Either ask politely to pass and allow them time to find a spot appropriate to step off the trail or remain at a safe distance and continue to follow.

Wooden bridges can be slippery when damp, proceed with caution.

*Do not travel along plucking at the passing flora. It damages the trees, plus, branches whipping back into the next riders' (and horses') faces can be extremely unpleasant.

If you must push past an overhanging branch, call out and warn the rider behind you.

*Discourage your horse from snacking along the trail. By this, I mean, allowing him to suddenly stop in the middle of the trail to eat, causing other riders to have to abruptly attempt to stop or turn their mounts.

This is a very dangerous habit, especially if he decides to do it from a gait faster than a walk! If you wish to allow snacking, then by all means find a suitable grassy area OFF THE TRAIL and allow him to graze awhile.